General Insurance

Building Insurance Starts From Rs 999* Per Year.

Vehicle Insurance Starts From Rs 899* per Year.

Tractor Insurance for Rs 16000 Per Year.

Vehicle Insurance

It Covers Your Risk for Liability Against Third Party, Owner of Vehicle and Vehicle for the Loss and Damage in Case of Accident

Stock & Building Insurance

Stock Insurance: It Covers Your Risk Against Loss/ Damage of Stock Due to Fire, Accident, or Bulglary.

Building Insurance: It Covers Your Risk Against Loss/ Damage of Building Due to Fire, or Accident.

Personal Accident Cover

It Covers Risk Against Financial Liability in Case of Accident.

Why Us?

1. Provide Comparative Quotation from Different Companies to Choose From.

2. Renewal of Insurance in 30 mins*.

3. Tie up with 15+ Insurance Companies.

4. Online Client Support 24X7.

5. Services Provided PAN India.


A range of services adapted to your needs

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